One word comes to mind when I think back to my day, Breath taking. I came into the design meeting for my wedding with a few simple notes, my colors and an overall feel that I described as unique, beautiful and vintage. The overall look was more than I could have ever imagined. With the little direction that I had given, the team put together an event that looked well over my means. It was stunning. It was glamorous. It was so unique. It was so ME. I was filled with so much anticipation and eagerness before I saw my bouquet that I my eyes immediately welled with tears when I heard that the flowers had arrived. I hadn’t even seen my bouquet and already I knew it was going to be amazing, and it was. It was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined it. The day just continued to impress. From the bridesmaids flowers, to the flower girl pomanders and yes even the Groom boutonniere, that I previously stated I wasn’t worried about, but was so thrilled that it was there. When we arrived at the reception site my anticipation and imagination was running wild. I could not wait for the doors to be opened and we could see the room and design for the first time. I was beyond ecstatic at what was presented before me. I could have never described this vision. It was an event I had only dreamed about. To walk into a space that was more than I could have ever imagined for our day made me speechless. Everything was designed with us in mind. Looking back at all the details of the day makes me smile. I am literally still on cloud nine thinking of my wedding. I want to thank each and everyone of you for making such an unforgettable event.


My love and I found each other in midlife. We imagined a small but meaningful ceremony, and I was determined to also have an amazing dance party for my ever-faithful friends.  Since my husband and I are both physician-scientists with busy and unpredictable work, we quickly realized that we needed practical help with planning our wedding – but only if we could find someone creative and real, not just someone organized and connected.Through a very lucky series of clicks, I found the Rocket Science Weddings and Events website. Gretchen Culver and her team were amazing from start to finish. First, Gretchen listened and helped us clarify our priorities, then referred us to trusted and equally cool and talented vendors. Every pick was perfect… Gretchen’s help and guidance gave me the space to make silly embossed heart-cupcake flags, spend time with my fiancee, think about music and vows – and most importantly, be present on my wedding day to experience the miracle of finding my love and the fun of celebrating our marriage with our closest family and friends. Do not hesitate to hire this woman, she is fantastic.


Gretchen and her team at Rocket Science made our wedding a relatively stress-free experience. I honestly cannot imagine how our wedding/reception would’ve turned out without them. Gretchen’s great vendor recommendations, detailed planning of the events leading up to the big day and an hourly schedule for the day of the wedding allowed us to easily communicate with vendors, friends and family. Gretchen’s planning and execution takes the anxiety and uncertainty out of the wedding experience for you and your family.


Working with Gretchen was an amazing experience, and we can’t imagine putting on our wedding without her! At our first meeting we had lofty ideas, including inviting all of our guests to join us in a bicycle procession from the ceremony to the reception site. Gretchen’s reaction reflected nothing other than positivity, reassurance and excitement… even though I’m sure in her head she knew it was a logistical nightmare! For every idea we had, Gretchen fully embraced it and helped us to achieve our most personalized and wonderful wedding day. She spent hours hanging paper cranes from the ceiling of the reception site, and attending to every last detail, all the while putting our minds at ease so we could fully enjoy our day. Words can’t express our gratitude for everything that Gretchen did, and we formed a wonderful friendship along the way.


Words can’t begin to express how grateful I am for all you have done for us over the last few months, and especially the last few days. Our wedding was more than we ever dreamed it would be, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Thank you so so much for your patience, your creativity, your humor, your wisdom, your guidance, and for your generosity of time and spirit in the creation of this very special day. You are not just an incredible wedding planner, but an incredible person, and I feel very lucky that you came into my life. Please know that we appreciate everything you have done for us — we know you worked SO hard! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts


We were engaged and then quickly overwhelmed with the wedding planning. Then we met Gretchen with Rocket Science Weddings and Events. We were so impressed with Gretchen after our first meeting. She had so many creative ideas and answered all our questions, including our budget conscious concerns. She had terrific connections and we were able to get so much more than we expected. She didn’t hesitate when we told her we wanted a donut cake. She tackled this request with great success. She was there for us through the entire planning process, answering a million more questions along the way. She was always prepared and kept us on task with the decisions we had to make. She was so easy to work with and kept us reassured throughout the planning process. She took so much off our hands and allowed us to actually enjoy the whole process and the wedding day. We are so happy to have Gretchen as our wedding planner!


The best decision I made during my wedding planning was to hire a wedding planner. And not just any planner but Gretchen at Rocket Science Weddings and Events. Gretchen came to the table with a billion unique ideas and helped me shape my own ideas into a cohesive and beautiful event. Gretchen and her assistants took care of everything for us the day of, including set up and tear down. I spent my entire wedding day relaxed and focused on my husband and my family and friends because she took care of all of the logistics. She kept us on time, helped get people were they needed to be, made sure everything was set up and ready to go. I would highly recommend Gretchen and her company, even if it’s just for day of services – I believe 100% that if I didn’t have Gretchen helping me plan my wedding and organizing my day it would have not have turned out so perfectly. Our wedding day was perfect, relaxed, and unique to me and my husband. THANK YOU Rocket Science Weddings and Events.


Gretchen of Rocket Science Weddings and Events made our day special in so many ways. From our very first meeting, she showed keen ability to grasp who we are, what we’re about, and our quirky creative aesthetic. She respected that we came to the table with our own ideas and design concepts, and she worked to enhance and complement them rather than asserting some other agenda. The idea board she created really got us excited about the possibilities for our event design, and it was so fun to creatively play off her ideas. She thinks outside the box while respecting our wishes and traditions. She has all the characteristics of a great coordinator: Artistry, patience, flexibility, assertiveness, tact, resourcefulness, good humor, and showed these qualities throughout our planning process. We hired her for day-of services, but she was with us every step of the way during our planning, which was essential to the success of our wedding day. Our day went very smoothly with very few wrinkles that we were ever aware of. I appreciated their on-the-fly creative problem solving. For example, it was too hot of a day to light the fireplace in our reception hall. Instead, they placed our illuminated glassware on the hearth for a decorative twist. She and her assistant Laura worked hard behind the scenes without ever trying to take credit for their own hard work – they just tried to make sure we looked and felt good all day! If you want your wedding day to go smoothly and for it to be a unique reflection of you as a couple, book with Rocket Science Weddings and Events!


What can I say about Gretchen? She is everything one wants in an event coordinator: creative, intelligent, fun, and (importantly) budget-conscious. After watching many friends get married who had to deal with the hectic stress of making sure everything went smoothly, my husband and I knew it was critical to have someone be there to manage the details so that we could truly relax and enjoy our day. So Josh and I decided to hire Gretchen for wedding planning as well as floral. Let me tell you, it was worth every penny! She went above and beyond in every way, She always responded quickly to emails, genuinely listened to our ideas and vision, and was fantastically innovative with our budget. In addition, she “tells it like it is” and is not afraid to speak up when something looks bad, which to me was just as important as speaking up when things look good! Overall, people reading this should not hesitate another minute in choosing Gretchen to help make their day perfect.


Gretchen was referred to us by friends who had already hired Gretchen as their wedding planner. From the very beginning, Gretchen was with us every step of the way. I had a clear vision for what I wanted, but Gretchen brought more to that vision that I could’ve ever imagined. The details that Gretchen helped coordinate, couches for the cocktail hour, Sweet Martha’s cookies butler passed in Sweet Martha’s cookie containers, using a DJ and a band, floral decoration on the patio, an amenities basket in the bathroom, etc. all ended up being what our guests remembered and loved about our wedding. Her recommendations for other vendors were spot on and they all commented to us how much they loved working with Gretchen, too. Gretchen’s dedication to our wedding and making us feel like we were her only clients resulted in such a beautiful wedding for not only us, but our guests, too. We love hearing how much our guests enjoyed our wedding and we know that’s a direct result of Gretchen’s hard work, attention to detail and also because she wanted us to love our wedding… and we did! After 12 months of planning, we consider Gretchen to be a good friend of ours and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire Gretchen. We wish we could do it again!


From the moment we met with Gretchen, we knew that we could not plan our wedding without her. We came in without direction on what we really wanted for our wedding and thanks to Rocket Science Weddings and Events, came out with the wedding of our dreams. From helping choose vendors that fit our personalities to tracking the smallest of details, Gretchen was always one step ahead of us with ideas and plans, which allowed us to truly relax and enjoy the whole wedding planning process. By really getting to know the two of us on a personal level, Gretchen was able to give us options for vendors, that she knew through her experience with them, would fit our personalities and give us the results we could only dream of. Our wedding had several logistical hurdles to tackle with a large number of out of town guests, parties the night before the wedding and a lot of travel around the city. Gretchen was able to plan for all of the logistical requirements and allow every person involved in our wedding to enjoy the whole weekend without ever worrying about where to be and how to get there. Gretchen made the entire wedding planning process a fun and stress-free experience. We felt as though we were planning our wedding with one of our closest friends that happened to have wonderful professional connections. Because she understood our needs so well, she was able to be our advocate and make it special for us. Our wedding went off without a hitch and could not have been more perfect, thanks to Gretchen! The best wedding decision we made… Hiring Rocket Science Weddings and Events!


Rocket Science Weddings and Events landed into our wedding planning process early, and we could not be more grateful. We planned our Minneapolis wedding from New York City, and Gretchen coordinated the year-long extravaganza with great generosity and ease. Her wild creativity combined with her wealth of experience producing events in Minneapolis made making decisions about every minute detail a delight. Perhaps what we appreciate most about Gretchen, however, is how insanely flexible and responsive she was throughout the process. We had an abundance of time to imagine and re-imagine every detail of our wedding weekend, and Gretchen never lost her patience with us — armed with a healthy sense of humor and mad skills, she was always committed to finding a solution that we loved, and that fit within our budget. No small feat. If you want to enjoy every moment of your beautiful wedding AND have a blast planning it, hire RSWE!!


What would I do without you?? Thank you so much for helping me plan this big exciting day! Your expertise and advice was extremely appreciated, and you really made us feel taken care of. We are so lucky to have met you! Thanks again!


Thank you so much for all of your assistance in making our wedding smooth! We both greatly appreciated you taking charge and creating a smooth, successful wedding for us!


Working with Rocket Science Weddings & Events was a pleasure. Gretchen really knew what she was talking about and went above and beyond anything we had ever asked or hoped for. She was a fountain of ideas, which allowed us to pick and choose what would work best for our wedding. We also had the delight of letting Gretchen organize and design all of our flowers. The bouquets were stunning, and the center pieces were simple and elegant, exactly what we wanted. When the day of the wedding came, she worked hard to make sure that our day went smoothly. We truly could not have done it without her. We would recommend Rocket Science Weddings & Events to everyone!!


We want to thank you for being our Wedding Coordinator for our daughter’s wedding… You exhibited your gifts of using what you were given, that of vision, efficient work habits, flexibility but firm direction, and a reassurance that our requests would be accomplished with satisfactory results…Your light-heartedness and flexible attitude resonated with us, allowing us to relax a bit more and decrease the anxiety and stress, isn’t that the goal of a true Wedding Coordinator?… Your lack of outward worry, even in extraordinary situations, allows those around you – your clients and their guests – to experience the full satisfaction of their expectations… Thank you for a job well done!


I’m in the creative field and like a lot of brides, I thought I could do everything myself! I quickly realized I was in over my head and Gretchen came to the rescue. Her arrangements, décor and creativity were above and beyond my expectations! On top of having a great personality and easy to work with she is professional and attentive; she really made it a point to incorporate ideas I had into the assortment. She captured the style and essence I was going for perfectly; I received so many compliments! She is truly an expert in the field and I was very thankful to have her help with my event. I highly recommend her; my sister-in-law wants to hire Rocket Science weddings and events for her wedding next summer after seeing what a fabulous job Gretchen did at my event!


Gretchen turned a difficult year into a perfectly wonderful one. My fiancé proposed last September, and we hooked up with Rocket Science pretty early, knowing we would need a little help planning because we are such very important, busy people. Gretchen was lovely, helpful and inspiring. We were proud of ourselves for being ahead of the game. Then, my groom was diagnosed with cancer 3 months before the wedding. Our important, busy lives suddenly changed completely. We didn’t think we could keep going with the wedding, but not going forward felt like giving up. Gretchen was amazing. She did not bat an eye when I asked if we could put the whole thing off a year, even cajoled our vendors into adapting to our decision, and then was completely supportive when we decided to go ahead as originally planned. Similarly, when I ripped my dress during the photos, Gretchen had a needle, thread and a can-do spirit! I was good as new in minutes! I really did have a dream wedding. I will always remember how very beautiful everything was. My advice to anyone planning a wedding would be to have an unflappable, witty and resourceful jewel like Gretchen on your team.


Photo credit: La Vie Photography