What We Do


It’s a bummer magic gets a bad rap because it is what separates a good event from an outstanding event. No, not the pull the quarter out of your ear kind of magic. Rather the magic that gives your guests goosebumps when they walk in to the room, that feeling of wonder and amazement and joy. The sense that something special is happening – something exciting and energizing that captivates your guests. The magic that makes your event memorable and fun. We know the formula for this kind of magic, to create an event your guests won’t want to leave.

After all, it isn’t rocket science.



This is what we refer to as the Left Brain, the logistical stuff and nitty gritty details that make the event happen. It is all the pre-planning and management coupled with the day of execution. It includes, but is definitely not limited to: timeline creation, vendor management, contract review and negotiations, etiquette tips and family counseling. We make sure all the pieces are in place and the plans are well made, keeping track of it all so you can rest easy knowing your event is going to go off without a hitch.


This is the “make it pretty” part of events, or as we call it the Right Brain. We feel design isn’t just about “making it pretty” however, that truly great design encompasses every facet of your event and involves all the senses. Our design process is extremely comprehensive as we collaborate with you to create your one-of-a-kind design that is authentic, personal and memorable. The process includes our design worksheet, Look Book, itemized budget and execution of the design plan.


We needed people to turn our crazy ideas in to reality, so we brought on some extra Hands. Our in-house team of florists, builders, graphic designers and production specialists create different elements of your design. By managing these elements ourself we can seamlessly bring your design to life, giving you unparalleled value.